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5 Reasons Why Selling a Home in the Winter is a Good Decision

The temperatures are dropping, and if you've been thinking about putting your home on the market.... your confidence in listing your home might be dropping too. Many potential home sellers believe that homes don’t sell during the fall or winter seasons. Well, guess what potential home sellers? I'm here to tell you that this is big fat Real Estate MYTH. Listing your home in the winter is far from impossible. Homes sell all year long! If you're ready to unload, here's 5 reasons why you shouldn't wait -- and make sure you read all the way through for a great offer at the end of this article.

1. Serious Buyers

Unfortunately, not all buyer's trudging through your home are actually 100% serious. Some people are just THINKING about moving, and might just want to see what's available. Since more homes tend to go on the market in spring, more window shoppers are likely to be out looking. If a buyer is out in below freezing temperatures looking for a home, chances are -- they mean business. In fact, many winter buyers are working on a deadline... perhaps they're relocating or they have an expiring lease.

2. Less Competition

If you're waiting for Spring, guess what? So are lots of other home sellers. In the Spring season, the old supply and demand rule comes into full effect. Since spring is the most popular home-selling season, the housing market is crowded with options this time of year. With less homes to look at, your home will get the greatest amount of attention in the Winter season. And of course, less homes to choose from means less competition for your home.... and a better chance at getting your home sold for top dollar.

3. No Curb Appeal? No Problem!

You won't have to worry about keeping up with the yard work in the winter. Even if you don't have much landscaping, you'll have to invest in some potted plants and weed maintenance to make sure that patio is up to par in the warmer months. But it's wintertime! And the living is easy. Keep that snow shoveled, and you're well on your way.

4. Unpredictable Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are rising, meaning less buying power for potential home buyers. No one can predict what rates will do, but an increase in mortgage interest rates can make a huge impact on how much a buyer is able to afford. This means a buyer who is qualifying for a mortgage up to $200,000 at current rates will only qualify for $178,000 if the interest rates rise 1% by the time Spring comes.

5. The Holidays Bring on the Emotions

Who doesn't love holiday decorations? The smell of apple spice and pine needles in a warm, cozy home is always appealing and can spark an emotional response from potential home buyers. So, crank up that holiday cheer! Embrace the season and buyer's will be able to picture themselves in your space decorating for the holiday's in their taste.

While you may have heard that Spring is the best time to sell your home, keep this in mind: There are ALWAYS people looking to buy a home, regardless of the season. There's plenty of circumstances that change during the year for plenty of people. Many of these changes result in home buyers looking for a new place to hang their hat. If you're ready to sell your home, you don't have to wait.

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