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8 Tools You Didn't Know You Needed as a New Homeowner

So you've spent your entire adult life renting, and that's okay. Thus far, you've been able to avoid a DIY disaster. Being able to push the maintenance work on the landlord is nice and all... but that's the least the landlord can do when you're paying his/her mortgage as a tenant. Now that you're getting ready to step up into the big leagues of home ownership -- here's a list of eight essential tools you'll want to have handy when the time comes:

1. Drill

One of the first things you'll want to do in your new home is hang curtains and blinds. Sure, you want to get to know your new neighbors, but you don't want to get to know them that well.

2. Tape Measure

Will your old couch fit... or do you need to hit Ikea? Getting a sense of your new space is important, and the only way to do so is to measure.

3. Extension Chord

Didn't know you had so many electronics to plug in, did you? If you're buying an older home, you might be surprised by the lack of outlets. Get yourself an extension chord if you can't splurge on the electrician just yet.

4. Step Stool

High ceilings are all the rage, until you have to change a light bulb.

5. HVAC Filters

Central air is one of those luxuries in life you'll be surprised you ever lived without! But that shiny new HVAC system needs maintenance. Make sure you're equipped with air filters, especially if the home was vacant for awhile before you moved in.

6. Allen Keys

Don't lock yourself out of your new bedroom! Purchase a few Allen keys if there wasn't any left behind. Check the framing of each door first to make sure there isn't one up there.

7. Touch Up Paint

Moving can really wreak havoc on drywall. Get yourself some touch up paint to hit those nicks in the wall caused by moving in the dining room table. Ask the previous owners for the make and color of the paint on the walls if you're not sure. Color matching paint is tough!

8. A Realtor

You're a homeowner now, and with great power comes great responsibility. It's essential to keep in touch with your Realtor so you have someone to call when you need a plumber, electrician, landscaping, etc. Questions like, "Where and when do I take the trash out?" and "Who do I call about the overgrown shrubs in the common alleyway?" are common -- and that's okay. A Realtors job doesn't stop at settlement. I always give my clients a list of recommended professionals to call in case of an emergency, and I'm always on call for my clients after the transaction is finished. A good handyman (and a good Realtor) is hard to come by these days!

For more information on how to gear up for home ownership and a free, no obligation buyer's consultation -- contact Nicole Neff at



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