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The 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Philly

Think Philly doesn't have #instagood photo opportunities? Think again! Whether you tend to focus on the good, the bad, the beautiful or the ugly -- focus your phone's camera lens to these Instagram Worthy Philly spots and you're guaranteed to get nothing but likes.

1. Sunsets at Bok Bar

Arguably the best views in Philly, this roof top terrace located atop the BOK building, a former vocational school in South Philly, will provide the perfect Instagram picture for even the most amateur photographers. It helps that BOK Bar has really great food and an awesome beer menu.

2. Graffiti Pier

Sadly, as of May 2018, Instagramming here will mean you're trespassing. Philadelphia police finally began enforcing its no trespassing ordinance and shut down Graffiti Pier in May. The site is owned by Conrail, but neighborhood groups are hoping they'll be allowed access again to clean it up. Graffiti Pier activists are hoping to someday make it an official park.

3. Percy Street Project

This Instagram worthy spot has a great story. Local artists created the Percy Street Project to fight off crime on a once low-lit street in South Philly. These super cool, neon lights make for some electrifying pictures and attract photographers from all over Philadelphia.

4. Charcoal Kuriimii Soft Serve

Soft serve vanilla charcoal ice cream. Not only does it taste good, but it photographs incredibly well, too. You have to head to Kuriimii ASAP to try it for yourself!

5. LOVE Park

I mean, duh. This Philly institution was the original Instagram worthy spot. LOVE park was shut down for two years for renovations. But as of May 30, LOVE park has reopened -- and it's ready to serve all your social media needs.

6. Front Street Walls

Multiple artists contributed to the murals that line Front Street between Oxford & Columbia on the exterior of Honeygrow's Fishtown headquarters. They hope to work with other business owners to expand this artist outlet further North.... so look out for more murals coming soon! In the meantime, snap yourself in front of an @amberellaxo original.

7. City Hall

You haven't Instagrammed in Philly if you don't have the token City Hall photo. So, hurry up and get to the center of Broad Street and snap yourself in front of William Penn.... just like I did the night the Eagles won the Superbowl! #bestnightofmylife

8. Spring Garden Station

Once dark, scary, and easily avoidable -- the Spring Garden Station under 95 has transformed into an underpass you and Instagram can finally get down with. In 2016, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation finished renovating the sidewalks and adding the colorful LED lighting that makes the Spring Garden Connector so Instagram worthy.

9. Eakins Oval

Did you know there's eight acres of fun & Instagram worth photo's on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway this summer? The Oval opened just a few days ago for the next four weeks, and Instagram lovers are here for it. Head over to their website to check out the upcoming events, beer garden hours, and all this colorful oval park has to offer!

10. Pretzel Raccoon Mural

He's laughing at us, isn't he? This mural is certainly true to it's location. If you live in Fishtown or Port Richmond, chances are you've met this raccoon in real life -- and he may or may not have stolen your pretzel.

Make sure to go follow all of the awesome Instagram accounts featured for more amazing photo's. Where is your favorite Instagram Worthy spot in Philly? Sign up to let us know in the comments below! And if you're feeling like you might need to move just a little closer to these #Instafamous photo opportunities.... contact today!



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