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Why Port Richmond Makes Sense for Millennial Home Buyers

Center City from Port Richmond. Photo credit: Annette Newman,

This isn't another "Philly Real Estate is Booming!" article. If you're here, you know that much already. Maybe you're searching for your own home, thinking about selling the home you currently own, or you've got the Philly real estate bug. Regardless if you're a Millennial, a Baby Boomer, a Gen-X, Gen-Next (?) -- this article applies to you.

The fact is, thousands of Millennial's are searching for the perfect Philly starter home right now in the midst of an extremely competitive real estate market. They're looking for a practical home that makes sense financially in a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle. They'll find it in Port Richmond. Here is four reasons why Port Richmond real estate makes sense for Philadelphia Millennial's:

1. It's convenient.

Oh Hey I-95! You're right there -- off of Allegheny Avenue. You're so accessible to Port Richmond residents it's almost an afterthought. Don't want to take 95? Hop on Richmond Street.... which turns into Delaware Avenue.... which will take you all the way to South Philly.... in a straight shot. Don't have a car? Good. More parking for everyone else. Just kidding. Buses to the Market-Frankford line run every 10 minutes.

There's also the Superstores along Aramingo & Castor Ave -- home to Target, Home Depot, Shop Rite, Walmart, to name a few. All with large parking lots. In Port Richmond, it won't feel like a chore to run out for one item. Which isn't always the norm in Philadelphia.

And then there's the easy access to the Betsy Ross Bridge, which is a lot less cluttered than those other well known bridges to Jersey. Cherry Hill Mall fans rejoice.

2. It's affordable.

You can still buy a renovated two bedroom home in Port Richmond for under 200K and a renovated three bedroom home for under 250K. Want parking? Port Richmond has that too -- for under 300K. Haven't searched for real estate in Port Richmond yet? Head back to my website and see for yourself.

3. Frankford Ave.

You want the restaurants, the bars, the retail that Frankford Ave. has to offer without the price tag? You can walk, bike, lyft on over to Fishtown in a heartbeat from Port Richmond. A neighbor to Fishtown, but with it's own great restaurants and businesses too. Bait and Switch, Tacconelli's, Hinge Cafe, Dinner House, Riverwards Cafe, Gaul & Co., Byrnes Tavern.... the list goes on and on.

4. Community.

Port Richmond neighbors are awesome. They're smart. They're kind. They care about their community. I know from experience. As a Philadelphia Realtor who invests a lot of time and effort on being a market expert in this neighborhood, I haven't met a Port Richmond resident I don't like!

Fishtown is amazing. It's America's hottest neighborhood! But does Fishtown always make sense for Millennials? No. Expand your search just a teeny bit beyond the border of Fishtown, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the value you find in Port Richmond.

To see homes in Port Richmond, contact Nicole Neff today.



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